Unlocking Value in Suppliers through Strategic SRM

from businesswire.com

Hundreds of Procurement Executives convened at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas from November 6-9 to share their insights and experiences in driving procurement excellence and added value within their organizations at this years ProcureCon 2007.

Some events highlights included:

  • Rick Jacobs, VP of Supply Chain Management at Eaton (winner of the 2007 Purchasing Medal of Professional Excellence) presenting an excellent model on Developing Robust Supplier Relationships to Achieve a Strategic Procurement Operation
  • Scott Searls, SVP of Procurement and Logistics of Alltel Communications dynamically relaying his thoughts on predictive spend management, strategic internal and supplier collaboration and the redundancy of traditional risk management
  • Ryan Doerkson, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Rick Wilson, Manager of Supplier Development of Aerospace Indirect Center of Excellence of Cessna Aircrafts inspired and data-driven case study on their lean supplier initiatives and innovative application of value engineering to indirect procurement

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