Design for Supply Chain


Nine cutting-edge strategies that will change the way your company designs new products and transform your supply chain
By Heather E. Domin, James Wisner and Matthew Marks

The next time that you pop open a soda can, take a slightly closer look — not at the beverage itself, but at the can that contains it. What you may not notice is that the soda can is a quintessential example of product design for supply chain. When soft drink manufacturers switched from cone top to flat top soda cans in 1957, the change made cans much easier to stack, transport and store on shelves, resulting in tremendous costs savings for companies in the industry.

The soda can revolution is an example of how product design for supply chain can drive efficiency and costs savings into a business. Today, almost 50 years later, efficient product design is not just a way of squeezing out cost savings, but a competitive weapon to be leveraged for strategic advantage.


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