A lump of coal in the RFID stocking

from mmh.com

Think RFID is going to explode in the supply chain in 2008?

Think again, suggests Michael J. Liard, research director for RFID & contactless technologies at ABI Research.

“When I look at the way the RFID market is shaping up, what I see is the continuation of a lot of pilot activity,” says Liard. “Closed loop asset management applications have been growing and will continue to plod along. But when you talk about the kind of high volume applications in the retail supply chain that everyone has been waiting for, that isn’t going to happen in 2008.”

That is just one of the predictions in “What’s Not Going to Happen in 2008,” an annual report from ABI. Rather than predict what might happen next year, ABI’s analysts survey the market for over-hyped technologies to predict what isn’t going to happen in areas that include consumer electronics, digital media, Wi-Fi, mobile handsets, wireless networks including WiMAX, telematics and automotive safety.


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